Noggin Rider / by Giovanni Nakpil

Giants have always had a special place within my imagination. Their sheer size defied my comprehension. How can human-like beings be as tall as a towering ancient tree (or even a mountain)? When I was young, my nanny in the Philippines would always tell me stories about such beings who live in acacia trees.  These trees were littered along the street where I'd walk to and from school. I would often look up, scared that a face as large as a house would stare right down at me between the spindly branches and thick leaves. I would then run as quickly as I could, fearing that these giant hands would try to scoop me up from above.

This particular sculpture is a maquette for a bigger piece I'm going to do. I plan to cast the real thing and have it become the first completed sculpture. I am not too set on the little kid just yet, but I do like the cartoon-like style, so I will stick with it for the real piece. The two sweet birds perched on the giant's shoulder was sculpted by my friend Delphine who is a wonderful artist and I adore her artworks.