My Sculpting Area / by Giovanni Nakpil

I've been very lucky in that I was able to convert my second bedroom into my art studio that I share with my fiancee.  My digital work area is adjacent to my sculpting table. Problem is, in the past few years, that table has not seen much action.  Piles of books, papers, boxes and other things unrelated to sculpting had piled up on the desk, making it an eyesore.  Since I've been trying to get back into clay sculpting, my goal is to clear that mess so that I can have a sacred art space again. I've clearly been procrastinating, but today I finally decided to clean it up. I feel very excited to put this part of the room to use again.

Here are two old clay sketches I did a while ago.  It was gathering dust, so I figured I'd take pictures of it.

A head sculpture I've been working on.