Pitfalls of Symmetry / by Giovanni Nakpil

I've been trying to work in Zbrush with the symmetry option off.  It's a very scary thing for someone who primarily does CG.  In a production-type environment it's an invaluable tool obviously, but not so much if you're trying to better yourself as a sculptor.  I figured since I am on a quest to improve my clay sculpting, why should I stop with my digital work?  With the symmetry function off, Zbrush is a little step closer to traditional sculpting.  I guess I can also disable the undo or save functions, but I'm not that hardcore.

This piece below is something I was messing around over the weekend. Working with the symmetry mode off is hard as hell, but it forces me to not get stuck with one side of the model.  I find myself going around the geometry more since there's more surface areas to cover.  I'll keep at it and do more of these figure exercises in the hopes that I'll get better at it.