Carlos Huante Master Class (What a Week!!) / by Giovanni Nakpil

As my blistered fingers heal, I am incredibly bummed that the Carlos Huante workshop is over. I am also extremely honored to participate as the assistant instructor, so I would like to thank Carlos Huante and Andrew Cawrse for allowing me to contribute to this amazing master class.  The teaching experience really opened my eyes and I now have an express desire to do more of this. Meeting like-minded people who are passionate about learning exponentially heightened the experience. 

Please go to Anatomy Tools and check out any future workshops they may have.  They really make the learning exeprience worth every penny.

Below is a work-in-progress sculpture based on one of three designs Carlos gave the class to choose from.  I'm really liking where I left it off during the workshop, so expect future updates on my progress with this one.